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We offer a full range of digital marketing services!

101 Digital Marketing Services is known for our wide range of affordable SEO packages that allows a business owner to easily market their company/business online. Our SEO services consist of optimizing your website to helping you build new links with the help of social media and the tools of digital marketing. 101 Digital Marketing Services knows what needs to be done to assist a business in marketing itself on the internet in a productive manner.

Our Work

For high growth startups, SME’s and large corporations, from strategy to execution, we decode every aspect of digital technology to make it work. Here are the highlights of our work.

We Work for Your Profit

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We Work for Your Profit

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We Work for Your Profit

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We Work for Your Profit

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Our process of building digital success stories


101 Digital Marketing Services provides all-around services and products that are related to digital marketing. We live in the era of connectivity and we use the immense power of the internet, its tools, reach to provide our clients with the means to boost their business in the long run.


Research is ‘mission critical’ when it comes to boosting a business in the current digital age. When you join hands with us, we consider it our responsibility to provide your business with digital marketing solutions that are customized to suit your business needs.


We are a business and the goal of a business is to make money right!? Yes, we want to make money but we want our clients to make money as well. Heck! It is the only way we as a digital marketing firm can survive after all.


Our strategy is simple. We are a customer-centric firm and we think that when you win, we win! We tread the extra mile when it comes to understanding you and your business.


We exclaim all the time about innovation since it is the only way one can make it big in a world where competitive attitude is the way! We innovate wherever we can and implement the same in the services we offer to our clients.


No matter how many questions you ask, no matter how many meetings you want to have with us, no matter how many doubts you have, we will never keep any stone unturned when it comes to putting the minds of our clients at rest.

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One of our clients said we were 'surprisingly effective'. We are hurt by the 'surprisingly' but you can trust us for being effective! It all starts with a phone call. Fill in your details to step into the future.

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Ui & Ux Design
Web & App Development
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Managment
Generate Leads
PPC & Display Advt
Creative Campaign & Designs
Logo & Branding

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101 Digital Marketing services

101 Digital Marketing Services has the experience it needs to deliver professional level, high-quality services. We as a firm learned that maintaining quality in our services is the only way we can continue to be one among the leaders in digital marketing. We have evolved with every delivery of digital marketing solution. One of the many factors that set our company apart from that of our competitors is the level of transparency we maintain in our services.

Transparency in our services allows us to shed some light on the intricate processes that can allow a website to rank better in the SERPs. We don’t stop there as we make sure whenever a client partners up with us, they are educated about how the marketing campaign designed for their company is taking their business one step closer to their desired goals. We strive to keep our clients in the loop as it allows us to provide effective solutions all the while strengthening the partnership as a whole!

We abide by the ethics of digital marketing which is deep-rooted in our core business policies. Our strong relationships and strategic partnerships allowed us to have an impressive client retention rate of 99% and we intend to keep it that way! We have a dedicated client center where we demonstrate to our clients about the inner workings of the digital marketing elements in real time such as the SEO rankings of their portal, their overall online reputation, etc.

Services offered by 101 Digital Marketing Services

The world of digital marketing is a place where constant trials and tribulations occur on a daily basis. It means what was trending yesterday is a thing of the past today. Constant changes and updates is the name of the game if a company wants to make it big in digital marketing. We at 101 Digital Marketing Services understand that we need to constantly update our approach when it comes to designing solutions for our clients. In order to do that, we periodically update our knowledge and upgrade our infrastructure. It allows us to churn out solutions that are technologically superior and performs efficiently in the real world scenarios.

We help to create value for our clients and if we are unable to do that, we will let you know straight up! No talking in circles and no puffy words! We assist you in finding your target audience for your business; find the means through which we can present your business in an interesting manner on the Internet so that you can start making money at a level that you haven’t even thought of in the first place!

Search Engine Optimization Services

The SEO services offered by 101 Digital Marketing Services are known for its impressive results and shorter timeframe! We are backed by an SEO team that has an impressive track record of making the businesses of our clients reaching impressive ranks in an organic way! We make the use of both off-site and on-site digital marketing techniques. We make sure that the content our writing team formulates for your business is of high-quality since content plays a pivotal role in digital marketing. The ones who say otherwise cannot be farther from the truth! With a deep understanding of all things SEO, 101 Digital Marketing Services is your answer for all your SEO questions!

Pay Per Click

What is the advantage of Pay Per Click? You might ask and the answer is the quick results that soon follow after one implement the same in their digital marketing campaign for their business. Visible results follow within 24 – 48 hours after PPC is implemented in a campaign. What is more impressive is that the results are not only measurable but also targeted meaning PPC is worth the investment! PPC allows you to choose your TA followed by the coverage you want your business to have. We at 101 Digital Marketing Services, carefully work out the perfect PPC model for your business and approach accordingly. We make sure that we are using the appropriate keywords so that we are focusing on the TA of our client. You can ask us how do we do what we do and the answer is simple too! We follow a step by step procedure where we determine the keywords that match your business followed by aligning your brand’s identity to the same. What follows next is monitoring the number of visitors to your website and restructuring of ads for improved results.

Search Media Optimization

SMO is an integral part of social media marketing which in turn is an important tool in digital marketing. It involves achieving the marketing goals of a business using available social media channels. We at 101 Digital Marketing Services are known for our high standards when it comes to delivering SMO services to our clients thereby making their websites visible in all leading social media channels. We make sure that your business gets allied with leading blogs and websites thereby creating a strong brand further enhancing your online presence as a whole.

Email Marketing

An ideal digital marketing company will explore all possible avenues and utilize the same to make sure that profit generation is maximized for its clients. We at 101 Digital Marketing Services make the use of what was thought of to be a medium of the past – the humble email! Email marketing is an innovative approach when it comes to integrated marketing campaigns. Email marketing is an effective way of generating maximum profits in minimal time delay for a business. Email marketing is the best possible approach when you want to target your customers through carefully designed marketing newsletters through mobile devices and the internet.

Web Design & Development

We are a full blown digital marketing company meaning that we are also adept at web designing and development of online business portals. We are backed by a team of highly skilled web developers and designers that helps us to create stunning websites that are SEO and profit-ready!

Mobile Application

Have an idea!? We can help in materializing the same into a stunning mobile application that will help you to effectively connect and communicate with your TA. 101 Digital Marketing Services is capable of creating applications that can run on Android devices, iOS, etc. We also create web applications, windows phone applications, applications/games for Facebook, web-engines, e-stores and more!

The mobile applications we design are all made specifically to meet the requirements of our clients. We don’t believe in, ‘one size fits all’ policy. We don’t use existing codes for our applications. Instead, we create every app, from scratch, or as they say, from the ground up!

Website UI & UX

101 Digital Marketing Services is your one-stop shop if you are looking for a reliable, result driven website UI/UX service provider in India. We specialize in crafting impressive and stunning UX/UI designs that meet the expectations and business goals of our clients.

Search Engine Marketing\Social Media Marketing

In one word, we make your business easy to locate in the SERPs of leading search engines when one is looking for services/products that are at par with what you offer. We have strong ties with best-in-class tech. partners that allow us to deliver our clients with solutions that ensure their business is future-ready.

We understand the current mindset of the customer base and we know that people these days prefer staying in touch with their favorite brands by interacting with them directly. It is one of the many ways a business can enhance their after sales reputation and overall customer support. 101 Digital Marketing Services believes that business should go all in and make sure their activities are capable of sweeping their customers off of their feet! It is one of the reasons why our SEM/SMM services are carefully structured to ensure that our clients speak the lingo of their customers.

We formulate our SEM/SMM strategies only after learning in detail about our client’s business and about their competitors so that the former is always one step ahead of the latter in the long run!

E-commerce Development

Through e-commerce, a business can have enhanced presence on the Internet since e-commerce has become an integral part of the corporate world at present times. We at 101 Digital Marketing Services understand the fact which is why by choosing our e-commerce development services; you will be making the right call!

The e-commerce platforms we design are known for their operational readiness and efficiency. To make sure that the e-store of our client is capable of competing with the big players in the industry, we make the use of the latest hosting platforms for all our e-commerce development projects.

Digital Marketing Consultant for your Business

101 Digital Marketing Services is backed by a team of learning professionals who have years of experience in their respective fields. Our workforce consists of folks who are passionate about both digital and traditional marketing. It means that you will be getting the best of both when you choose us as a digital marketing consultant for your business.

We refrain from saying yes to every project that comes to us. We will only take you onboard after we are convinced that we can add value to your company by coming up with a digital marketing strategy that will prove to be the right solution to meet all your business goals.

Digital Marketing Services For Small Business

Small-scale ventures are tight on budget and we understand that. Are you the owner of a small venture and is on the lookout for generating leads through the avenues of digital marketing. Drop in a line to us as we can help you in ways you couldn’t even fathom! We offer a free analysis of your company’s digital marketing needs. So what are you waiting for!? Give us a call today!

Why to approach Professional Digital Marketing Services for start-ups?

A startup has to face a lot of challenges and hurdles in its initial years all of which can be tackled by the intelligent use of digital marketing. Digital marketing is the marketing of services/products offered by a company and promoting the same through the Internet and its mediums like mobile devices, interactive advertisements, etc.

India has become a hotspot for business growth and the increased penetration of the Internet in the grassroots levels is the reason behind it all. It is best to target the right audiences for your business through digital marketing rather than going through traditional marketing mediums that are not only expensive but are also ineffective in many spheres!

The ever-increasing population of internet users in India is the critical factor that one should pay heed to in case they are wondering why a startup should invest in professional digital marketing services.

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