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Email marketing is undoubtedly one of the best converting channels available in the world of digital marketing. Let us at 101DigitalMarketingServices work with you to create a customized email marketing strategy that will enhance your conversion skills by many folds.

We make sure that the email marketing campaigns we design for your business are efficient and to foolproof that we adopt a multi-step approach. We engage and re-engage your clients and prospects by providing them with engaging messages that will help in keeping your brand at the top of their minds!

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101 Digital Marketing is one of the best email marketing companies in India.

The SMS and email marketing services we provide at 101 Digital Marketing are carefully designed to engage your target audience that will lead to enhancing your conversion rates. Although email marketing is often labeled as a traditional marketing process whose days are limited, we at 101 Digital Marketing Services are sure to change that thinking for you with our result-driven services.

101’s email marketing solutions have proven their worth and abilities time and again when it comes to engaging audience for a business, increase conversion rates or simply to expand the reach of a business by tapping into uncharted waters! We are an affordable email marketing services provider that has an impressive track record.

We meet the expectations of our clients in terms of returns they are expecting from our email marketing packages. Email marketing is a tried and tested traditional marketing technique that digital marketing companies like us have adopted over the years since it is the best way to drive sales and develop new leads! Partner up with us and let your business take the advantage of email marketing now!

Even if email marketing is most effective till date, it is often overlooked by many and we want you to cash in on that opportunity by partnering up with us. Contact us and let us give you an insight into how email marketing can be effectively used as a digital marketing tool.

Benefits of email marketing

As social marketing is said to be the next big tool of the marketing strategy, email marketing proves to be a challenging point to it. One needs to understand the reason behind this to justify the situation. There happens to be a wide range of benefits which an email marketing service provides to a business body and they can be broadly classified as:

  • Messages reach the targeted audience - once a business firm gets the right audience; their conversion rate makes a steep rise and success follow. Emails go only to the subscribers and hence there happens to be a strong building up of the bond between the firm and its clients.
  • Key to drive revenue - with the spice of the tempting call-to-action button and a direct link for checkout, revenue generation is not a great deal for the ones who are doing email marketing. Best email marketing companies in India implements this strategy.
  • The minimisation of costs - This is another big leap when it comes to its benefits. Compared to other marketing channels, this proves a lesser burden on the budget of a firm (as this doesn’t have printing and no expenditure to be on top of magazines, billboards etc.)
  • Through this one can easily measure the impact of marketing on its audience. Hence it can improve accordingly. Also, it gives an idea of a company's capabilities in this competitive market.

Email marketing services by 101digitalmarketingservices

An email marketing service makes certain of a steady flow of specific traffic in no time and assists in creating a brand image at an instant. Talking about one of the best email marketing services India, 101digitalmarketingservices proves to be the next big service provider in this field.

With a good hold of classic clients throughout the country, the digital marketing company is on the rise as it has a unique methodology towards serving their clients. We provide high-quality content that is valuable for a company’s existing customers.

They remain updated and provide the recent email marketing campaigns – seasonal, triggered, standard promo, incomplete checkout of cart - campaigns etc. They prove to be successful and on a steep rise with their performance because they work hard on email monitoring and analytics input which assists in targeting the correct group.

When it comes to testing and implementation, we at 101digitalmarketingservices happens to be the best. We believe that to bring the best ROI one has to maintain a crisp marketing strategy and a proper balance between the client and their services.

Email marketing services are chosen to be the best tool for branding these days because social media happens to be of a more non-professional type. 101digitalmarketingservices offers affordable and efficient email marketing packages which assist their clients in every way.

Email marketing types

The best email marketing services in India implement certain campaigns which led them to be the best. Now that doesn’t count to only two or three, but of many forms. Now considering the fact that every brand/business is different, each has their own form of campaigns.

Here is a list of the email marketing types which an email marketing service provider must impart:

  • Welcome email formatted campaign - To build a familiar relation with one’s client this series of emails is implemented. For example, it says congrats! Welcoming to our so-so world!
  • The standard promo campaign - This is done by any email marketing services India, as it falls under the normal curriculum. This is the kind which keeps popping up over and over again in our inboxes. The key to its success lies in designing the message and its frequency. It will help in making the same progressive rather than irritating.
  • Next is the seasonal campaign which comes during the winter, autumn, or summer seasons. These campaigns also take a hold during the festive seasons as well.
  • Emails that come post-purchase is another type of email marketing campaign which builds trust between the firm and its client.
  • An email which connects one’s client through social media is another type.
  • Emails which comes when a customer abandons his/her cart is another type of email marketing campaigns which builds a positive vibe about that firm in the minds of their clients (as it shows a sign of care and concern).

Why email marketing?

The rate of innovation and the count of means available to marketers today is nothing soft of unbelievable. Reports say that 1,876 companies across 43 varied marketing sectors, including social, SEO, video marketing, mobile analytics, sales enablement and several others exist.

As a matter of fact, these sectors didn’t exist last to last year. But one sector continued to exist throughout this time called email marketing. The reason - this kind of marketing had the highest ROI for a consistent period of ten years. Despite several other tools available for the marketers, email marketing is simply the best for a business to grow.

The key reasons why email marketing is still the king in the marketing sector are as follows:

  • According to the reports from the best email marketing companies in India, this methodology has a wider reach. They said that there were around 3.9 million email accounts and a projected of 5 million by 2017.
  • Your message will be positively delivered to your client.
  • Reports say that the average click rate of an email campaign is around 3% which is way better than the rate of clicking on a tweet. Hence this proves the next powerful medium.
  • According to the latest reports, for every $1 spent on email marketing, it has an average conversion rate of around $38. This happens because it does to-the-point marketing i.e. getting the message to the right audience out of millions.

Email proves to be an open platform and email marketing services in India is growing at a rapid pace. In this way, competition is also growing. As email is a much more professional medium, business people try to opt for this medium rather than going for social media.

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