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We think that having a responsive and well-designed application can do wonders for a business since these are effective communication channels that connect a business with its audience in an efficient manner.

We are adept at providing you with solutions that are backed by new forms of mobile advertising such as location-based advertising. Connecting with your prospects and existing clients at a personal level is the need of the hour and our solutions assist you in doing just that

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101 Digital Marketing Services creates mobile applications that are compatible with several platforms. We build customized apps so that the same meet your business requirements. We don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’ policy which is why we create each application from the ground up meaning the code of each app is unique and is not borrowed from our previous projects.

Mobile applications are ideal when it comes to increasing brand awareness for a business. These intricately designed, interactive and user-friendly pieces of software provides a business with the means to become more agile in terms of data exchange which further helps the same to make informed decisions critical to business expansion. 101 Digital Marketing Services is a mobile app development agency that is proficient in android app UI design.

Connecting with your customers on their conditions and terms is a must-have attribute for a business to thrive these days and 101 Digital Marketing Services allows you to do just that! We are also adept in user interface design and user experience design.

We are masters when it comes to combining creativity with technology in our solutions for our clients which allows them to tell their story in the most unique of ways through mobile devices.

We are in the works of becoming one of the leading mobile app design company in the country where our mobile application design projects have already started creating buzz among contemporary entrepreneurs!

101digitalmarketingservices - Best Mobile App Development Agency

Mobile applications are the new thing since web 2.0 stepped in the world. Every other person has a smartphone loaded with features and applications. These applications were previously available only on personal computers but now with the coming in of new and improved technology, it is possible to get all the applications on the tips of our fingers.

Mobile app development is a major business in today’s’ date and there is various mobile app development agency offering these services. 101 digital marketing services are one of them.

101digitalmarketingservices offer all types of services and products that are linked to digital marketing. The fast-paced world of the internet is one of the key tools used by the company to reach out to the world and serve their clients according to their needs.

We are a responsible company which takes upon ourselves the onus of providing the client personalized and customized solutions to all their digital marketing needs. 101digitalmarketingservices is an extremely customer friendly firm, which focuses on the needs of its customers and put’s in their hundred per cent in helping them prosper.

If one is trying to look out for a mobile app development agency, 101digitalmarketingservices are surely one of the best options to consider. Surely one will be way ahead of their competitors in the market. With our customer-centric policies and our skilled team of professional digital marketers, we can surely bring your company success and fortune.

Android and iOS Mobile Application Development

Mobile applications are the new thing for the tech-friendly generation. Mobile application development for iOS and Android platforms are a smart way to get hold of more customers and make them technologically advanced.

Website owners are often faced with the dilemma of choosing between Android and iOS app development due to a shortage of time, developers and even funds. Even though the majority of people are dependent on Android phones, the revenues of iOS are way higher.

Android app UI design companies should keep on working towards making their apps better and hitting the larger target group, or else if iOS takes the upper wheel once, they will be the main contenders in the development world.

If one needs to develop an application for their company’s use then they should without any hesitation go for Android as it is easy to customize and integrate. Development of both iOS and Android is important and takes a lot of effort, even though there are many pros and cons for both platforms, developing both simultaneously is a smart option for a development company.

Difference between Android and iOS app development is quite huge and they have different target audiences. Even though iOS users seldom want to use Android, they are always waiting for better upgrades on their phones and software. Android has been constantly developing itself as well, from jellybean, ice cream versions to what not.

What is Mobile Application?

Mobile app development agencies these days are running on full fledge. The reason behind it all is the sudden rise in dependence on smartphones by people. Another reason could be the immense influence of technology on the lives of the masses.

A mobile application or an app is a kind of software made to run on a mobile device like a Smartphone, personal computer, laptops or even tablets. Mobile application design very often helps and provides its customer with services found in computers, in the device on your hands.

Apps are usually smaller and individual software parts with limited function. The use of apps was for the first time popularized by the company Apple through its app store.

Mobile applications are another division of the integrated software’s found generally in personal computers. A mobile application has many names like just an app, web app, online app, iPhone app or even a smartphone app. All the apps provide limited functions. Mobile apps are becoming better and bigger every day.

With the coming of new technology and the discovery of newer things, this era of web 2.0 has a lot to offer. There are over millions of applications available which are mobile based and are heavily downloaded by users on their phones. All the social networking media are nothing but applications, even the in-built camera and music system in one’s phone is a type of mobile application.

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