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Apart from making killer websites, our designers and developers work closely with our SEO experts which helps them to make your official portal SEO-ready from the beginning! We provide you with all that is currently going on in the digital space that includes SEO strategies for both dynamic and static websites that helps in increasing web traffic exponentially.

We at 101DigitalMarketingServices design websites for your business that are backed by a structured content management system. It means that you can easily create and manage website content related to your business.

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101 Digital Marketing Services is a PHP development company that has years of experience in web application development India. The websites we design are SEO ready meaning you can start seeing the benefits as soon as the website goes live!

A business in the digital realm grows at a very fast pace which means the number of applications you will be further integrating with your official portal will increase exponentially. It will lead to an expansion of your customer base meaning increased website traffic. Since the majority of the web surfing goes through mobile devices, we make sure that the websites we designs are mobile device friendly. On top of that, the web interfaces we design ensure that it provides fast loading pages and greater user-friendliness that are great boosters for your business in the long run!

A website is the face of a company and since your business is unique, we at 101 Digital Marketing Services believe that its website should be unique as well! We are a website development company in Pune and also on our way to becoming one of the top web development companies in India.

Difference between web design and web development

As both the terms i.e. web designing and web development is popping up frequently when it comes to website optimization of any business firm, people get confused whether both the terms are same or not. As a matter of fact, both these terms and their jobs are completely different. Let’s get a brief idea about both of them:

Web designing - Talking about the best web design company working for a client, they work to enhance an idea or a story, bring a design which has a soothing visualisation and utilises their plan to make the experience of a user a breeze throughout the site.

Website designers usually have a difficult task because they have to create a user-friendly website which has to satisfy any client. The key roles of a website designer include –

  • implementing methods to create an end layout design
  • work in both logo and graphic design
  • work on buttons
  • layouts and images of the website
  • keeping updates about the latest designing trends
  • enhancement in the field of colour pallets, branding and typography
  • Web development - Coming to this methodology in detail, web developers handle the design of the site and make it a functioning body. They use certain languages including PHP to develop a website. PHP development companies in Pune is said to one of the finest in this field. They implement Information Architecture to organise a website’s information hierarchy which assists in the proper guidance of the design methodology.

    Top web design and development-101DMS

    For a business firm web design and development prove to be the most essential task as their website is the only mode of connection between them and their clients. As said, even before meeting that firm, clients first look for the profile of their status online and then proceed. So the first impression is very much important and hence the growing business firms/entrepreneurs take the help of top web development companies in India for all their website optimization needs.

    One such well-known website development company present in Mumbai, Maharashtra is 101 Digital Marketing Services. We have a perfect methodology when it comes to serving their clients. We believe in proper research and have a firm grip in analyzing skills as well. We strategically plan our approach and implement the same followed by comprehensive reports which are essential for making our clients understand where we stand with their projects.

    Statistical reports confirm that 59% of clients get attached to the companies that have an impressive website rather than a simple one. There is no doubt that social media is the next big tool to increase one’s website traffic. Hence firms are trying to develop their social advertising pages which will lead the clients to a user-friendly official website. Last but the not the least one has to know the key features that will satisfy their audience and once this mission gets accomplished then the popularity of that company will increase rapidly.

    Uniqueness of web design & development services by 101DMS

    Talking about the methodology of the top web development companies in India, their uniqueness of servicing varies from company to company. For one, the initial servicing that is done is perfect and they don’t have to look into the matter of reports but on the other hand, another is concerned about the reports that come as feedback from their clients.

    We at 101DMS follow a procedure in our web designing and development services that are unique from others because we implement some key steps when it comes to servicing our clients. We provide all-around services & products that are related to digital marketing. We emphasize on research and we call it ‘mission critical’ when it comes to enhancing a business in the current digital age.

    Our solutions are totally customized. We take care of analysis i.e. we double check the optimizations and modifications. Our strategy is very crisp and simple. We understand that if the clients are satisfied then it’s a win for us as well! We believe that the right implementation is the key to success and it comes gradually if someone gets to know the client’s business in detail.

    In the end, we at 101dms have proved ourselves time and again to be unique because for us the most important criteria are reporting to our clients no matter how many meeting we need to solve their problems. Hence, whether be it web design or web development, uniqueness is necessary to be at the top of the list in this growing and ever-competitive market.

    Why web design and development important for any business?

    Web design and development can seem somewhat of a formidable task for several businesses. There are many sides to making and implementing an exceptional digital marketing strategy, but the foundation of this online strategy is your website. Keep in mind that people will first look at your website then they will think to contact you physically, in this competitive era.

    Here are a few reasons why you should invest in quality website design and development services:

    Assurance: As stated above people will first look at one’s profile from the net, hence any particular firm should get in touch with the best web design company to do their web management.

    Transformation: To be a successful business firm in this competitive market, one has to check their conversion rate. The two key things that win a customer’s heart are call-to-action and effective use of colours. Top web development companies in India always works on the visual appeal of a website and make sure that the same interests a customer.

    Engagement on the website: This is another reason why web design and development is important for any business. To increase the traffic on one’s website, a company has to develop their social media marketing pages as well. Social media marketing is the most used tool that is used to attract clients and generate leads.

    Besides web design and development, having a detailed knowledge about the needs and wants of the TA is another important factor that helps a company to grow in the long run.

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